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A word from Adin Group’s Chairman – Mr. Eyal Milman
Hello and a happy New Year to all. It has been a fantastic year for Adin, and there have been some significant changes to the structure of the company over the past few months to enable and support Adin’s significant growth. Currently, we have over 400 employees worldwide and this number is set to increase as we continue to improve our position by providing affordable top-line dental solutions.

As Adin strives to provide clients with the very best dental products and services at a fair price, our aim is to become the biggest independent value company in the dental industry. The launch of the VIZ Intraoral Scanner last year proved how successful we can be: In less than 12 months, it’s now the leading scanner in the value-market in terms of cost, efficiency and value for money.

Announcing: Adin Group
In order to support continued company growth and to position Adin as a leader of innovation, research and development, we have formed Adin Group. Adin is now a group of companies, providing a wide set of solutions and services to doctors and laboratories. Adin Group is comprised of these companies:

  • Adin Implants — Serves as the HQ of Adin Group, and manufactures implants, prosthetics and tools for implantology, as well as Cad-Cam solutions.
  • Adin Digital — Develops and manufactures the VIZ Intraoral Scanner.
  • ConfiDent — Our upcoming state-of-the-art drilling device, complete with sensors that enable dentists to identify – in real time and online – the type of bone they are treating, thus making complex surgeries both safer and simpler.
  • Gal-Way — Manufactures innovative, coolant driven, high-speed spindles.
  • NanoAf — Develops new surface treatment which prevents bacterial colonization.
  • The MITT Clinic — An international clinic and learning centre located in Midtown Tel Aviv. The clinic provides operating rooms complete with anesthesia, as well as an education centre that hosts over 500 events annually.


In addition, Adin Group is moving ahead with the first phase of building our innovative Sagi 2000 Business Park factory.

As part of the formation of Adin Group, I have stepped down from the role of CEO of Adin Implants and, instead, taken up the role of Adin Group’s Chairman. In parallel, Erez Cohen will be stepping in as CEO of Adin Implants. I trust you’ll join me in wishing Erez the best of luck in his new role in leading the Adin Dental Group to continued success.

A word from Adin Implants new CEO – Mr. Erez Cohen
I’m very grateful that Eyal has given me this opportunity of leading Adin Implants into the future, and I wish Eyal the very best of luck in his new role as Adin Group’s chairman. Over the coming months, we will continue to follow our company guidelines of excellence and fairness, and will remain fully committed to providing employees, clients and business partners with the highest standard of care, products and services — and at the best value possible. If we continue to do this, and to do it well, it will reinforce Adin as a leader in the dental industry.  I, for one, am excited to see what other challenges the future holds for Adin, and I’m fully confident that we can conquer them together.