To keep high-quality implant procedures simple, you need internal hex implants at their very best.


Touareg™ – S
AB/AE Surface Treatment

The Touareg™-S Spiral Implant is a tapered implant with a spiral tap that condenses the bone during placement for immediate stability.
It has two large variable threads and a tapered design for accurate implant placement, self drilling, improved esthetics and better load distribution. It features a special round shaped apex that pushes the bone graft with minimal harm to anatomic structures.
The Touareg™-S is very user-friendly and its unique design allows for immediate function for all bone types.
The Touareg™-S features a standard SLA™* – AB/AE – Alumina Oxide Blasted /Acid Etched surface treatment.
Adin’s TouaregTM OS tapered spiral implant comes with a spiral tap and a standard internal hex connection (3.5mmD for all diameters), which achieves immediate stability via bone condensation during placement.

The implant is uniquely designed for immediate function for all bone types, with optimal implant-abutment seating, minimal horizontal bone stress and retention screw loading stress, complemented by excellent esthetics.

Touareg™-S Advantages:
– Double lead threads (2×1.2mm)
– High primary stability, also in Type IV bone
– Bone-condensing property
– Self-drilling and self-cutting
– Redirecting capability for optimal placement
– Built-in platform switching
– Minimally invasive surgery
– Immediate function capability
– Single restorative / prosthetic platform for easy restoration