The Effect of Osteotomy Dimension on Implant Insertion Torque, Healing Mode, and Osseointegration Indicators: A Study in Dogs
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Effect of Simplified One-Step Drilling Protocol on Osseointegration
By: Arpita Patel, Luiz F. Gil,
Arthur Castellano, Gileade Freitas, Daniel Navarro, Ana P. Peredo, Nick Tovar, Paulo Coelho
Non-Washed Resorbable Blasting Media (NWRBM) on Titanium
Surfaces could Enhance Osteogenic Properties of MSCs
through Increase of miRNA-196a And VCAM1
By: Chiara Gardin, Letizia Ferroni, Adriano Piattelli, Stefano SIvolella, Barbara Zavan, Eitan Mijiritsky
Histomorphometry and Bone Mechanical Property Evolution Around Different Implant Systems at Early Healing Stages. An Experimental Study in Dogs
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Full-Mouth Implant-Supported Rehabilitation with a Flapless Surgical Technique: a Treatment Approach Using Computer-Assisted Oral Implant Surgery
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Effect of Implant Diameter on Reliability and Failure Modes of Molar Crowns
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Replacement of a Molar with 2 Narrow Diameter Dental Implants
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Flapless Approach to Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Using Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation
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Implant Diameter and Length Influence on Survival: Interim Results during the First 2 Years of Function of Implants by a Single Manufacturer
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Biomechanical and Histologic Evaluation of Non-Washed Resorbable Blasting Media and Alumina-Blasted/Acid-Etched Surfaces
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Nasal Floor Elevation Combined with Dental Implant Placement
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Clinical and Radiological Evaluation of Two Stage Implant in a Single Stage Procedure and Two Stage Procedure – a Comparative Study
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