Adin’s CAD CAM components and digital libraries enable dentists and dental technicians to design and manufacture state-of-the-art restorations supported by Adin’s implants, using current and up-to-date digital restoration processes.
The variety of components ensure endless restorative options for treatment of single, partially, or full edentulous cases.

Scan Body

The Scan Body is a component used for any intraoral scanners or desktop scanners.

The unique geometry and texture of Adin’s Scan Bodies optimize the effectiveness of scanning.
The Adin Scan Bodies are available for each of Adin’s implant connection platforms and for Adin’s TMA abutments – differing in height to accommodate all clinical scenarios.



  • One Piece unique geometry and special design texture.
  • TI Alloy material for multi-use.
  • Innovative 3D Scan Body files for optimal matching and accuracy enabling 35μ technology.
  • Reusable- designed for use with both Desktop and Intraoral scanners.
  • Comes in two different heights for maximum comfort in the clinic and in the laboratory.
  • Suitable for various interocclusal distance.
  • Valid for scanning with or without scanning powder.
  • Retaining Screw is Included.


Digital Analog

The Digital Model Analog for 3D printed model is used in a fully digital CAD-CAM solution.
Digital Model Analog can be used based an intra-oral or a desk-top scan to create a digital model, This can be done simultaneity to CAD-CAM restoration planning.
The analog ensures exact positioning in the 3D printed model thanks to 3D printed optimized geometry and a designated lock screw. both leads to an accurate restoration planning and simulation.
Adin’s digital model analogs are easy to use and enable prosthetics screw tightening according to Adin recommended Torque.
The distinguishing between the different platforms is clear due to color coding of the analogs.
The digital model analog provides a solution for all type of restoration used in the dental industry.


Ti Bases

A Ti base is used for the restorative supply of an implant.
For this purpose, a superstructure is cemented onto the Ti base and can be used as the abutment or directly bolted crown.
Ti Bases are connected to an implant for the adhesion of superstructure (abutment or crown) made of Zirconium and/or metal alloys such as CoCr to restore function and aesthetics in the oral cavity.

Ti base is intended for manufacturing a two-part restoration, comprising of Ti Base and superstructure (abutment or directly bolted crown)


  • Wide variations and angular structure for all platforms including the multi-unit interface.
  • Available with engaging (anti-rotation connection for single-unit restoration).
    and non-engaging variations (connection that allows rotation for multi-unit restorations).
  • For all conical and internal Hex connections.
  • Supported two modes of use: screw retained and cement retained.
  • Retaining Screw is Included.


TMA Cylinder & Cementing Cones

TMA-MU Cementing Cones are used as Ti-Bases for cementing/gluing CAD/ CAM manufacturing of individual ceramic or metal two parts (hybrid) MU restorations (bridges).


  • Enable precise and long lasting contact between CAD CAM restoration and TMA-MU abutments.
  • Support cemented and screw retained restoration ba.
  • Support bridge (non-engaged) restorations.
  • Large cementing surface and grooves for high stability and best fit adhesion.


Ti Blanks

Pre-milled Adin Ti Blanks are used as a raw material for CAM fabrication of a single part (monolithic) titanium abutment.
The production of the individual PreFace-Abutment is done digitally with CAD software. Adin Ti Blanks abutments are intended for use with dental implants as a support for single or multiple tooth prostheses in the maxilla or mandible of a partially or fully edentulous patient.


  • Titanium Blanks, for using as customized abutments, are available for all Adin’s implant platforms, in different sizes of Ø=11.5mm and Ø=15.8mm to accommodate all clinical needs.
  • ADIN’s Titanium Blanks are Medentika PreFace® standard compatible.
  • Material: Titanium (Ti 6Al 4V ELI).
  • As customized abutment, the final milled part needs no additional manual manipulation.


* Availability of the products in some places is limited and depends on local regulation.
For more information, please contact your local representative.

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