Trans Mucosal Abutment System

Multi-Unit Angled and Straight Abutment System for Screw RetainedTrans Mucosal Abutment System Restoration.
Adin’s Trans Mucosal Abutment System (TMA) is indicated for multiple-unit, screw-retained restorations, and may be used in combination with an implant level framework design.

The system is used to elevate seating platform of restoration when restoration at implant level is not indicated or practical due to the depth or angle of the implant.
The Trans Mucosal Abutment System is designed to allow better prosthetics access when using diverging angled implants to accommodate full and partial edentulous arches, especially when using tilted implants and all-on-four / six technique for full arch restoration.

The TMA abutment system is available in straight and angled (17° and 30°), engaging the internal hex for indexing, with a selection of collar heights.
Abutments are delivered with handles for simple handling and to assist with seating.