“Dental implants have evolved significantly over the
years, and since I placed my first implant 23 years ago, I have tried a large number of systems. 
Since 2009, I now exclusively use Adin Dental Implants.
My routine choice is the Touareg CloseFit™ which has:
1. Excellent primary stability in all bone types.
2. Platform shifting.
3. A prosthetic solution capable of a CADCAM solution from all the main CADCAM providers.
In sub-antral and in locations where space is limited i.e. above the ID canal, the Touareg™- S is an excellent implant.
The 5 or 6mm diameter by 6.25mm long implants are excellent and offer a reliable none grafting solution in difficult or limited bone height conditions. The price of Adin implants is sensible when compared to larger manufacturers, yet the back up I receive from Trycare or Adin in Israel is excellent.”

Dr. Roger Moore


“I have been using the ADIN Dental Implant Systems for over two years now. Initially. as with anything new, there was a period of adaptation, but this was relatively short as the system is straight forward and easy to use.
The system offers a good range of sizes in both width and length.
I am achieving excellent primary stability
with all of the implants placed and I like the platform switch concept and internal connection, giving great soft tissue stability and aesthetics.
Using the Touareg™-S, I have completed two full arch immediate load cases, with great results.
The stability
achieved during surgery was excellent for the immediate loading concept and the restorative components allowed us flexibility with our restoration.
At almost two
years follow up on these cases, there is good stability of bone levels and excellent soft tissue stability.

Dr. Maria Hardman


“Having placed and restored over 2500 Adin Implants I have found them to provide an excellent affordable implant solution.
The system is simple with a good range of implant diameters and lengths.
Excellent primary stability along with multiple restorative options allows treatment of virtually all clinical cases.
At The New Tooth Company we successfully combine Adin implants with a complete range of Osteobiol grafting products to provide predictable clinical outcomes.”

Dr. Gary Moynes


Nigel Jones has a private practice and is a tutor and examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons.
He has placed over 500 Adin implants and has found them to be predictable and reliable as well as representing incredible value.

Dr. Nigel Jones

Dental Implants

“I am general dental practitioner and in the last 14 months I have placed 278 implants using 3 different implant systems.
I am now using the Adin
implant system and yesterday I placed 9 implants using the Adin Touareg™-S implants and I have not experienced initial stability like it before.
totally recommend Adin, it is the best system I have used.”

Dr. Amir Moughadam

Dental Implants

“DentalCarePlus (DCP) have placed over 40,000 implants using all the major brands.
They rate Adin as the best system.
They state on their website that Adin Implants are renowned for their outstanding primary stability and integration success rates.
DCP have placed 7500 Adin implants over the last 5 years with a success rate of 99.4%.
The remaining 0.6% was subsequently rectified with a second procedure, effectively giving 100% success.
This is a multi-practice, multi surgeon group and the results are based on a study across the Group.”

Ian Wallace

Managing Director & Owner of DentalCarePlus

“As a dentist and implantologist who lectures on implant design and guided surgery there are several features of an implant system critical to its success, the Adin Touareg Closefit system checks all the boxes.
The progressive thread design allows for excellent primary stability in all bone types, the backtaper at the crestal portion minimizes cortical bone compression, the Osseofix sand blasted and acid etched surface provides enhanced bone to implant contact, and a deep conical connection with modified morse taper and multiple narrow platform options with 2.75mm and 3.0mm diameters allow for surgical placement flexibility.

The Adin Guided Surgery system simplifies guided surgery with an easy to use keyless guided kit and Activeflow irrigation technology ensuring coolant reaches the surgical site.
With an attentive, compassionate and resourceful sales and corporate support team, Adin Implants excels on many levels.”

Dr. Paul S. Mozer


“It’s a world class expensive implant, that Adin are selling at a staggeringly low price to us.
They made this decision made after considering long term economics and we’re grateful.
The dramatically low price in no way reflects on the high quality of the implant.”

Dr. Anuj Aggarwal


“I’ve used Adin implants for all my full mouth implant cases for the last 7 years.
In 5 years of follow up, not a single biological failure.
That’s Adin!”

Dr. Shyam Mahajan


“I have been using this implant since the day of its inception in India. 
I have so many successful stories, I feel this is one implant system which is for every implantologist”.

Dr. Amit Gupta