durable solution

Adin presents the new Grip™ overdenture attachment as an addition to our wide variety of prosthetic solutions.

Grip™ durable solution
Implant supported overdentures are among the most practical prosthetic solutions for patients
who cannot utilize fixed restorations, or as an interim solution for patients who are waiting for the osteointegration process of their newly placed implants.

The Grip™ attachment system is a versatile solution, designed to ensure maximum denture retention and stability both for maxillary and mandibular dentures.
The variety of retentive
caps allow dentists to choose the required retention level needed for each individual case and can easily be replaced, when needed.

Adin Grip™ attachment system

The Grip™ attachment system is available for all Adin’s platforms, Internal Hex & Conical Connection (Except UNP), in a range of gingival heights, to enable a reliable, long lasting and cost-effective solution for your patients.

  • The low profile of the Grip™ attachments are ideal for vertical space limitations.
  • The flexibility of the caps prevents overloading of implants, lowering the risk of damaging the implants.
  • Grip™ attachments’ angle compensation design to enable use in non-parallel implants up to 40º, making it a perfect and flexible solution.
  • Variety of retentions in different hardness levels to fit any clinical need.
  • Quick & easy handling of the denture.


The Grip™ implant attachment system was designed with customizable levels of retention:

1) Dual retention, pivoting action provides resiliency to maximize stability and longevity

Grip™ implant attachment extra light RS6417
light RS6418
regular RS6419


2) Extended range male’s pivoting action engineered to allow insertion with up to 40° total divergence

Grip™ implant attachment zero RS6420
extra light RS6421
light RS6422
regular RS6423 

Adin Grip™ attachment systems

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