Aseptico AEU – 6000

ADIN Dental Implant Systems Ltd continues to concentrate its best efforts to provide a wide array of high-quality solutions in the dental field, continued support of its distributors and the creation of effective commercial collaboration with Aseptico, who have extensive experience of over 40 Years in the dental industry.

Aseptico manufactures the only American-made implant motor.
The 6000 Series Implant Motor is quickly becoming the best-selling Aseptico’s implant motor on the market due to its reliability and affordability.

The AEU-6000 Implant Motor gives its operator the freedom to use any implant system available on the market today and more benefits than any other implant or oral surgery motor for the price.


With upgradeable software this unit will be a workhorse for many years to come.
Autoclavable irrigation tubing maens you don’t have to buy tubing for every procedure.
Five preset buttons can be programmed separately for both implants and endodontics, reducing your procedure time dramatically.

All Aseptico products include a 2-year warranty
*Excludes handpieces and select products not manufactured by Aseptico.


AEU-6000 Implant Motor:
– Compatible with E-Type handpieces
– Provided with 20:1 Handpiece
– Easy to use interface adjustable during all procedures
– Up to 50 NCM torque for implants
– Basic calibration technology
– Easy-load irrigation pump
– Up to 1,000 G-cm in Endo mode
– 40k rpm autoclavable micromotor
– Auto-sensing dual voltage
– FDA, NRTL and CE compliant
– Manufactured in the USA

– Variable foot contorl ADIN
– Pump on/off, flow rate, micromotor
– Direction, preset selection and torque
– Replacment micromotor and cable
– Autoclavable irrigation tubing set
– Tubing set PUMP section
– Irrigation clips

Implant Default Presets: