A New Standard in Endodontic Treatment

With an innovative filing technique and unique patented design geared to protect the canal’s anatomical structure and avoid dentine perforation, Gentlefile helps every dentist perform optimal root canal treatments.

Optimal Root Canal Treatment

Continuous flexibility throughout file length
• Adapts to any canal shape and maintains its anatomical structure
• Prevents dentine perforations, cracks and ledges
• Optimal access to posterior teeth

Automatic rotational speed with centrifugal effectGentlefilecan
• Quickly and gently files the canal’s full surface area
• Follows the canal’s cross sectional shape in its entirety
• Activates the antibacterial fluid along the canal’s entire surface and length
• Significantly removes the smear layer and improves access to lateral canals
• Cleans canals with irregular cross-sections

Safe Root Canal Treatment

• Files canal walls with no drilling or cutting
• Prevents torque overload
• Minimizes file breakage rate

GentlefileSimple Root Canal Treatment

• Simple, quick preparation process with minimal files quantity (2-3)
• One fkle length for all canal shapes
• Each file is designed with a different ratio between vertical force and flexibility, adapted for all treatments
• No need for adjustment, easy to control