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L – 16mm
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• Conical-Hex Connection No Micromovements
• Built-In Platform Switching
• OsseoFix™ Surface Highly Osseoconductive
• Triple lead thread with 3.0mm (3x1mm) pitch for fast insertion
• Flat and narrow apex 2.0mmD, allows implantation in narrow ridges and tight spaces


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enter site Narrow platform 3.0mmD

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L – 10mm
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L – 16mm
L – 18mm

The Touareg CloseFit™ NP is a uniquely designed implant with an especially narrow body and a 3.0mm prosthetic platform diameter. The strong and solid ClosFit™ conical-hex connection enables this implant to be used in the lower and upper jaw.
With high quality and narrow platform switching, the Touareg CloseFit™ NP 3.0mm has proven to have a very high fatigue strength and best comparative results, what makes it the most successful and leading narrow platform implant.

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lopinavir coronavirus dosing Note: Nobel and Astra data was taken directly from Nobel Biocare’s NobelActive 3.0 brochure.
Astra Tech and OsseoSpeed are trademarks
of AstraTech Group. NobelActive is a trademark of Nobel Biocare. All Adin tests were conducted using “worst case” scenarios.