Narrow ridges shouldn’t stop you

With more than 10 years of proven clinical experience, these uniquely designed small diameter implants of 2.75mm & 3.0mm,
have an especially
narrow body & collar to provide a perfect solution that addresses narrow ridges in atrophic jaws for exceptional esthetic’s results. The strong Conical Connection designed to minimize micro movements.

1 NP CloseFit™
⌀3.0mmD Narrow Platform
6 *Platform Switching
2 *Optimally designed for narrow ridges, minimize the need of bone augmentation 7 *Micro Threads:
Engineered to enhance bone regeneration, prevent bone loss & increase bone implant contact
3 *OsseoFix 8 Triple lead thread with 3.0mm (3×1) for fast efficient insertion
4 *Double lead threads 2.4mm (2×1.2) for fast efficient insertion 9 *Length:
L-10mm | L-11.5mm | L-13 mm | L-16mm | L-18 mm
5 UNP CloseFit™
⌀2.75mmD Ultra Narrow Platform

*The features reliated to NP & UNP Implants


CloseFitTM UNP

Ultra Narrow platform 2.75mmD

L – 10mm
L – 11.5mm
L – 13mm
L – 16mm

L – 18mm

• Conical-Hex Connection No Micromovements
• Built-In Platform Switching
• OsseoFix™ – Titanium implant surface treatment that uses gritting with calcium phosphate media that is debris free and has been designed to achieve the desired roughness levels needed for optimal osseointegration. The OsseoFix™ is biocompatible.
• Triple lead thread with 3.0mm (3x1mm) pitch for fast insertion
• Flat and narrow apex 2.0mmD, allows implantation in narrow ridges and tight spaces



CloseFitTM NP

Narrow platform 3.0mmD

L – 10mm
L – 11.5mm
L – 13mm
L – 16mm

L – 18mm

The CloseFit™ NP is a uniquely designed implant with an especially narrow body and a 3.0mm prosthetic platform diameter.
The strong and solid ClosFit™ conical-hex connection enables this implant to be used in the lower and upper jaw.

With high quality and narrow platform switching, the CloseFit™ NP 3.0mm has proven to have a very high fatigue strength and best comparative results, what makes it the most successful and leading narrow platform implant.


Unbeatable Fatigue Strength:

Note: Nobel and Astra data was taken directly from Nobel Biocare’s NobelActive 3.0 brochure.
Astra Tech and OsseoSpeed are trademarks
of AstraTech Group. NobelActive is a trademark of Nobel Biocare. All Adin tests were conducted using “worst case” scenarios.

Narrow Platform Implants