Immediate restoration with extra added value

The One™ implant system is a unique monoblock solution designed for fast and convenient immediate restoration, with minimal or no abutment preparation.

Featuring an integrated superstructure, the system’s main advantage compared to a standard two-piece design is the complete elimination of microbial leakage and colonization between implants and abutments, which leads to minimal gingival retraction.

One™ narrow diameter implants are also highly suitable replacements for sites with limited interdental dimension, such as the maxillary laterals and the mandibular incisors.

One™ advantages:
– Extremely flexible.

– Minimally invasive surgery.
– Immediate functionality.
– Designed for narrow spaces.
– Solves tight spacing problems.
– Offers a fast and easy flapless procedure.
– Straightforward drilling protocol for soft and hard bone alike.

*AB/AE Surface treatment.