Meet our conical connection CloseFitTM implant line

Implant professionals who seek to minimize micro movements between dental implant and abutment and eliminate potential bone loss will greatly benefit from Adin’s CloseFitTM spiral implant system, which features an extremely strong, stable and solid conical-hex connection.

The CloseFit’s tapered core implant and spiral tap includes a unique tip and double lead thread design, which enables bone slicing rather than scraping.
The implant strength and stability is suited for optimal repositioning at diverse angles within the lower and upper jaw.

The CloseFitTM implants feature Adin’s OsseoFix™ – Titanium implant surface treatment that uses gritting with calcium phosphate media that is debris free and has been designed to achieve the desired roughness levels needed for optimal osseointegration.
The OsseoFix™ is biocompatible.

CloseFitTM advantages:

  • High primary stability, including type IV bone
  • Self-tapping
  • NP: Double lead threads (2×1.2mm)
  • UNP: Triple lead threads (3x1mm)
  • Redirecting capability for enhanced accuracy of implant placement
  • Built-in platform switching and a strong CloseFit™ connection
  •  Minimal invasive surgery
  •  Immediate function/loading capability in all bone types
  • Optimal restorative orientation
  • Improved esthetics
  • Enhanced loading distribution
  • High torque strengths to avoid fractures at interface connection


Products Specifications:

L-8mm L-10mm L-11.5mm L-13mm L-15mm L-16mm L-18mm
NP 3.0mmD ISPNP1030 ISPNP1130 ISPNP1330 ISPNP1630 ISPNP1830
RP 3.5mmD ISPX0835 ISPX1035 ISPX1135 ISPX1335 ISPX1535 ISPX1835
WP 4.3mmD ISPX0843 ISPX1043 ISPX1143 ISPX1343 ISPX1543 ISPX1843
WP 5.0mmD ISPX0849 ISPX1049 ISPX1149 ISPX1349 ISPX1549 ISPX1849


Touareg CloseFitTM UNP 2.75mm D

Narrow Platform for narrow ridges and tight spaces.

Touareg CloseFitTM RP 3.5mm D
Regular Platform for standard size ridges and spaces.

Touareg CloseFitTM NP 3.0mm D
Narrow Platform for narrow ridges and tight spaces.

Touareg CloseFitTM WP 4.3mm/5.0mm D
Wide Platform for wide/large ridges and spaces.