Adin is focused on developing innovative andand technologically advanced dental solutions, which improve patients’ quality of life, and benefit dental professionals.
That’s why Adin invests significant time and resources into ongoing R&D.

Our R&D activities are coordinated by a team of highly skilled in-house engineers, who work in close collaboration with key dental opinion leaders, independent researchers and academic institutions worldwide.
When developing and expanding our product range, our key goal is to optimize product and procedure simplicity, to improve both the patient’s and clinician’s treatment experience, while increasing the safety, efficacy and predictability of our solutions.

Adin implements the highest scientific standards, undertaking comprehensive ‘in-vitro’ and ‘in-vivo’ preclinical studies, followed by advanced clinical trials which comply with strict protocols and quality standards. When we’re completely satisfied with the results and cleared the products for use, our new solutions are introduced to the dental market. Following market launch, long term follow-up is conducted to ensure product efficacy.

Successful treatments and satisfied patients are our ultimate reward!