TMA™ Case Study

By: Dr. Shyam Mahajan, India

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Case 2 – Fully Edentulous Rehabilitation Using the All-on-Six/Four
Concept with TMA™- Multi Unit

A 60 year old male patient fitted with a complete denture wear for the last 5 years and desired a fixed prostheses.
X-ray shows bone deficiency beneath maxillary sinus and in posterior mandible.
Treatment plan included an All-on-Six restoration on Adin Touareg™ implants for the maxilla and All-on-Four restoration for the mandible. Patient used his old dentures for 4 months.
A hybrid fixed prosthesis was made.
Patient is very happy and can eat all types of food and looks much younger.

Adin Implants used:
Maxilla-Tilted Implants Posterior: Adin Touareg™ 3.75mmDx16mmL with straight and Angled TMA™ abutments.
Tilted Implants Anterior: Adin Touareg™ 3.75mmD x 13/11.5 mmL with 30° TMA™-
Multi Units.
Mandible with 17° and straight TMA™ Multi Units:
Adin Touareg™ 3.75mmDx13mmL and 3.5/4.2mmD x 10 mmL.

Download full case study pdf