The Adin Training & Education Center is dedicated to enhancing professional dental skills and knowledge.
The center initiates and operates a variety of training programs worldwide, directly from Adin’s headquarters and through local subsidiaries, which cater to diverse professional levels.

  • Academic course curriculum:Adin’s close collaboration with leading universities throughout the world has led to the establishment of a wide variety of dental implant surgery courses. The curriculum includes both basic and advanced courses, as well as tailormade courses serving the needs of implant experts.

  • Local education programs:Adin’s training & educational activities span over 50 countries, focusing on the needs of dental professionals and targeting specific aspects pertaining to dentistry and implantology.
    Our programs are conducted at a variety of locations worldwide, allowing professionals to easily attend.
    Adin also initiates and supports programs in collaboration with local dental associations and universities.

  • Academic research: Together with leading academic institutions throughout the world, we spearhead cutting-edge academic research in the field of implant dentistry.

Should you need training, guidance or professional materials
on any dental-related matter, you’re welcome to contact us.

Mrs. Inessa Sofer

Training and Education Manager