Indicators for Ease of Use

Procedure advances from left to right, features Intelligent and logical drill layout

  • Each column is marked and color coded for a specific drill and implant diameter ⌀
  • Color coding with simple direction
  • Each row is marked for a specific length
  • Indication arrows for direction of workflow


Drill Indications

Each drill is color coded according to drill diameter and also laser marked for the drill length and diameter.
The diameter of each drill group refers to the diameter of the center of the drill, as indicated in the
drawing on the right side of the tray.

The drawing on the left side provides easy verification of the length of the drills by placing
the large cylinders in the carved out area.

Tissue Punch

The tissue punch is utilized for cutting through soft tissue.
It is designed to make a circular incision of 5mm around each planned implant site.
The tissue punch is designed to self-center to the surgical
It is recommended to use 30 rpm.
After punching, take the
guide off and remove soft tissue with a compatible instrument.

Pilot Drill

The starter pilot drill is used to make the initial penetration into bone.
It is design for optimal initial centering and also has a reamer that can
flatten bone, where applicable.

Spare Space

This space can be utilized for 18mm drills or any other use.


Implant Insertion

Adin’s Guided Surgery System is designed to allow insertion of mountless implants through the sleeves of the surgical guide.
This ensures accurate 3D positioning of the implants.
The insertion tools allow rigid connection to mountless implants by means of a holding screw, delivery and insertion of the implant to its correct position, using either the hand operated ratchet or the handpiece adaptor.
Recommended insertion torque up to 50 Ncm.
To ensure correct orientation of the Hex, the final position of the implant may be adjusted after removal of the surgical guide.

RS Touareg™, CloseFit™ RP/WP Implants Drills | GSK001

For full guided procedure:

RS Touareg™ S/OS
Implant Platform
GS Tools Kit RS
5.5mmD Sleeve
CloseFit™ RP/WP
Implant Platform
GS Accessories
5.5mmD Sleeve


CloseFit™, UNP/NP Narrow Implants Drills & Tools | GSK002


For full guided procedure:

CloseFit™ NP/UNP
Narrow Implant Platform
5.5mmD Sleeve

RS Touareg™, Implants  Tools | GSK003


For full guided procedure:

RS Touareg™ S/OS
Implant Platform
GS Drill
5.5mmD Sleeve

CloseFit™, RP/WP Implants Tools | GSK004


For full guided procedure:

CloseFit™ RP/WP
Implant Platform
GS Drill
5.5mmD Sleeve

  • Additional Products



    2mmD Sleeve 5mmD Sleeve Narrow Implants 3.3mmD Sleeve
    Catalog No. GS0020 Catalog No. GS0055 Catalog No. GS0033


    Guided Vertical Fixation Screw S-3.3

    Guided Vertical Fixation Screw S-5.5

     2.0D 19mmL Anchorage Screw
    Catalog No. GS0006 Catalog No. GS0007  2.0D 19mmL Anchorage Screw

    Purchase Options

    Catalog No.  Description  Package contents
    GS0006 Guided Vertical Fixation Screw S-3.3     X 3 Pack
    GS0007 Guided Vertical Fixation Screw S-5.5 X 3 Pack
    GS1920 2.0mmD Anchoring Screw X 3 Pack
    GS0055 5.5mmD Sleeve X 3 Pack
    X 10 Pack
    GS0033 3.3mmD Narrow Implant Sleeve X 3 Pack
    X 10 Pack
    GS0020 2.0mmD Anchoring Sleeve X 3 Pack


    18mm Drills


    Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx18.0mmL

     Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx18.0mmL
    Catalog No. GS1825 Catalog No. GS1832


    Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx18.0mmL

    Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx18.0mmL

    Drill S-3.3, 2.5/1.8mmDx18.0mmL
    Catalog No. GS1838 Catalog No. GS1846 Catalog No. GSN1825


    Illustrations are not to scale
    Availability of the products in some places is limited and depends on local regulations.
    For more information, please contact your local representative.

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