Why Choose “Adin Guide”?

Adin’s guided surgical kits were developed with both dentists and patients in mind.
The innovative kits, featuring intelligent and easy to follow layouts along containing self-
centering drills with built-in stoppers, allow for simple, safe and fast dental Implant
placement procedures.
ActiveFlow™ technology ensures through the guide irrigation and may reduce
the possibility for bone-heating  throughout the procedure.
Some prefer flapless implant placement surgeries since it is less invasive which results
with less pain and suffering. Some benefit from better spacing and angulation of implants
stress-free procedures.
Both, using Adin Guide System, will enjoy superior esthetic and more natural functionality
outcomes, and long-term success.

ActiveFlow™ Irrigation Technology

While irrigation is a necessity in implant surgery, standard surgical guides prevent
irrigation from getting into bone and potentially causing the
bone to become overheated.
The Adin Guide ActiveFlow™ Irrigation Technology is innovative
and unique design that forces cooling saline through the guide and ensure that
irrigation reaches to the bone.

  • ActiveFlow™ Technology – through the guide irrigation
  • The drill spins, ActiveFlow™ gets into action and the water flows…. It is THAT simple!
  • Delivers the coolant from the hand-piece directly to the surgical site and prevent bone heating


Keyless ProcedureGuided Surgery Product Page4

Our keyless, self-centering drills and tools design to enable dentists to perform faster,
easier and more intuitive implant surgeries.
Adin sleeves are embedded within the 3D printed surgical stent and precisely
centers and guides drill and insertion tools.
This innovative approach developed to support effortless procedures, accurate and predictable
implant placement which lead to functional and natural aesthetic outcomes.

  • Intuitive, simple and effortless: No need for keys, or any other assisting tools
  • Hassle free, logical and straightforward procedures


Guided Surgery Drills KIT – Basic

Adin Guide drills kit features Intelligent and logical drill layout, color coding with simple
direction indicators for ease of use:

  • Procedure advances from left to right
  • Each column is marked and color coded for a specific drill and implant diameter
  • Each row is marked for a specific length


The kit features:

  • Pilot drill with a built-in reamer for flattening bone
  • Self-centering drills with built-in stoppers
  • Tissue Punch for cutting through soft tissue


Guided Surgery Accessories KIT – RS Implants

Adin Guide implant Insertion Kits are specific to standard Internal Hex implant platform
type and features implant insertion tools for implant placement by hand, ratchet or hand-
piece through the guide.


The kit features:

  • Ergonomically designed Placement driver
  • Wrench ratchet
  • Fixture mounts for use with mount-less implants
  • Drills for anchoring screws, to fix the stent on the patient’s jaw
  • Extensions tools


Adin Guide Manufacturing Components:

Adin’s guide sleeves are available for dental laboratories and
other guide manufacturers:

  • 5.5 mm for standard and wide implants
  • 3.3 mm for Narrow implants
  • 2.0 mm for Anchorage Screws


Digital Library

Adin implants and Adin Guide system components have been added to 3shape Implant
Studio digital library to enable planning.

3shape Implant Studio digital library is set in advance with closed parameters needed for
guide planning.


For More Information Download Now:

Adin Guide Brochure
Adin Guide Step by Step
Adin Guide IFU


* Availability of the products in some places is limited and depends on local regulation.
For more information, please contact your local representative.